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  • Scroll Saw Basket Pattern
    All patterns are available as PDF or mailed paper pattern for the scroll saw, and most are also available in laser friendly SVG format. Choose your option above the add to cart button.

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New Garden Alphabet Patterns!

Use these cute garden critter and flower themed letters to make your own beautiful creative pieces! The main set contains the whole alphabet. The second pattern includes the number set, the “&” symbol, and alternate versions of commonly doubled letters ( E, F, L, N, O, R, S, T). This way if you want to make a word or name that has two of the same letter side-by-side, you can use two different version of that letter. I also included an “A” since it is just a very common letter.

The words still look nice with the same letter repeated as long as they are not side-by-side, but if you want a custom version of a letter using the insects and flowers from another letter, I can do that as a custom order. You can find that order form here.

Our Latest Scroll Saw Patterns

Below are our newest patterns added over the last weeks. Be sure to choose your pattern option from the drop down menu before adding to cart. The default is a downloadable scroll saw PDF file, but mailed patterns are also available, as well as a laser friendly SVG format whenever possible (the SVG also includes the PDF instructions).