Customer Showcase

We always like to see how others use our patterns. We hope you enjoy seeing these pictures and they help spark your own creativity and ideas. If you have any pictures you wish to share, please send them to me at and I will post them here.

Scroll Saw Cross
This custom work by Jerrell Sandling combines pattern sections from both SLDK226 and SLDK366 to create his own unique gift idea.
Scroll Saw Tray
Jim Cameron made our SLD347 Heart Dresser Tray for his wife Darlene for her birthday (along with a beautiful ametheist necklace!)
Scroll Saw Tray
Jim also made his wife this matching candle tray (SLD334 Sweetheart Candle Tray) for Valentine’s Day. He used curly maple for the tray and it came out really nice.
Scroll Saw Hearts Tray
Paul Hudspath made a picture frame out of our SLDK147 Heart Votive & Tea Light Candle Tray Design
Scroll Saw Reindeer
Brandy’s grandfather took my SLD360 Rocking Reindeer pattern and made a vignette of stand up figures from it. He made many sets of them and they were a big hit at Christmastime.

Scroll Saw Corinthians
Sylvia created this wonderful spanish translation of our Corinthians 13:13 Bible passage plaque SLDK308 .
Scroll Saw Wolves
Here is Dan’s version of our SLDK190 Self-Framing Wolf plaque. The dark background really makes the wolves stand out in the moonlight! Dan sells finished items at his “Woodcrafts by Dan” website (
Scroll Saw Pendants
Dennie York made wonderful hearts from our pattern (SLD373 Here’s My Heart Embellished Ornaments and Pendants). She used rhinestones, beads and many different species of wood to make these beautiful Valentines.
Scroll Saw Candle Tray
Dennie also used my candle tray patterns to make these clever wine bottle trays. She glued in a thin layer of cork and used the charms to hang on the wine bottle as a decoration. The patterns featured here are SLD356, SLD341, and SLD345 candle tray patterns.
Scroll Saw Songbird
Jerry Aronowitz used one of the birds from the Songbird Ornament patterns (SLD365 and SLD366) and a wonderfully interesting piece of wood to create this door topper.
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