Embellishing Scroll Saw Ornaments

Add Sparkle To Your Scroll Saw Projects

Several of our scroll saw designs can be enhanced with the addition of elements such as crystal beads. These beads are simple and widely available at your local craft supplier, yet add interest and appeal to ornaments, sun catchers and other hanging items. Outlined below are some simple steps to follow which will assist you in adding beads to your scroll saw projects. The procedures can be adapted to many different items for additional sparkle.

Scroll Saw Christmas Ornament Pattern
Scroll Saw Pattern #302 “Dimensional Fretwork Embellished Ornaments”


Begin by cutting a length of approximately 12” of gold metallic thread and threading one end through a beading needle. A regular sewing needle may be used, but it must have an eye small enough to pass through both the crystal and the seed bead.

Threading A Bead
Pass the needle first through the crystal and then through a seed bead and pull until it is about the middle of the thread.
Threading A Bead Step 2
Entering from the hole you just came out of, pass the needle and thread through the crystal once again.
Threading A Bead Step 3
This should form a loop through the bottom of the crystal, and the seed bead will hold the thread in place.
Attach Bead To Scroll Saw Ornament
Pass the needle through the hole at the top of the ornament frame and pull the ends even, allowing the bead to settle about an inch below the top of the frame.
Tie The Bead To Scroll Saw Ornament Step 1
Hold both strands of string together and make a loop to tie a knot.

Tie The Bead To Scroll Saw Ornament Step 2
Pull the ends slowly and use the needle to adjust the position of the knot depending on where you want your bead to hang. This may take practice, but you should be able to get it after a couple tries. When you are satisfied at the length of your thread, pull it firmly so that the knot is tight.
Cut The Hanging Thread
Cut the thread close to the knot, leaving just a bit for a tail. You can apply a small amount of clear-drying glue to the knot to be sure it doesn’t slip out.
Push Knot Into Scroll Saw Ornament Hole
Use the pointy end of your scissors or a pin or end of tweezers to push the knot into the small hole at the top of the frame.
Finished Scroll Saw Ornament
You can adjust the bead to hang perfectly by sliding the crystal bead up toward the top of the frame and sliding the seed bead as far down as it will go. Then allow the crystal bead to rest on the seed bead and it will sit level and even.

Other Scroll Saw Ornament Embellishments

We do have many other patterns that include some kind of embellishment options in the instructions and I hope you take a look at our ornament categories to see what we have. If you like this style of ornament shown above, the pattern for these is number SLD302 and there are eight designs included in that packet.

There are many types of embellishments you could use to decorate your scroll saw ornaments including glass beads, metal beads or hot fix rhinestones for example. I hope this article gives you some creative inspiration. Now put on your crafting hat and go make some sawdust!

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