Blessed Are The Peacemaker Sectional Pattern

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This great saying honors all the service men & women that risk their well-being and lives on a daily basis in order to protect us! Whether that service was in the military, police force, FBI,  or some other agency, I am sure the sentiment will be appreciated. This design is made up of three separate pieces that are held together by a plywood backboard piece. This allows you to use a nice hardwood for the three main pieces without having to source an incredibly wide board. This design can be made with an 8″ wide board in its current size.

– 13.5″ x 13″

Pattern Options

Scroll Saw PDF: A downloadable PDF pattern with instructions for cutting on a scroll saw. Not intended for use with laser engravers.

Mailed Paper Pattern: Have your scroll saw pattern mailed to you anywhere in USA & Canada.

SVG File for Laser: A vector SVG file (sent via email) for laser engravers which includes our "Small business production" license. The scroll saw instructions will also be included.

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