Custom Monogram Pattern

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This customizeable monogram scroll saw pattern could be used for many different purposes:

– You could use it for a child’s first name: B – BYRON

– A family name as in the sample pic: A – ANDERSON

– You could combine first names with last initial: S – JOHN & JANE (S being the initial of the family name)

– Or any other use you can think of


In the text boxes provided, enter the Capital letter and the name or names you want inside the center section. Once you get over about 7 letters, they will need to be squished horizontally a bit. Maximum is about 16 letters but it depends on what you are comfortable with cutting.

– Default size is 10.5″ diameter. I will need to divide up the pattern to fit on 2 regular sheets of paper unless you tell me otherwise. If you need larger than 10.5″ and need it divided onto regular sheets of paper, please contact us to make a custom order.

A note on custom orders: Please, no requests to do professional or university sports team names as they are trademarked. Patterns remain the intellectual property of Sheila Landry Designs - do not sell or share the pattern itself. Custom orders will be sent as emailed PDF files unless you have other paper patterns in your order. If you need an SVG instead, just let us know in the order notes. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the emailed pattern.

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