God Bless Our Firefighters Sectional Pattern

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This great saying honors the brave men and women who bravely fight fire and even charge into burning buildings risking it all to save others! The design is three separate pieces that are held together by a plywood backboard piece. This allows you to use a nice hardwood for the three main pieces without having to source an incredibly wide board. This design can be made with a 6″ to 8″ wide board in its current size.

– 13.5″ x 13″

Pattern Options

Scroll Saw PDF: A downloadable PDF pattern with instructions for cutting on a scroll saw. Not intended for use with laser engravers.

Mailed Paper Pattern: Have your scroll saw pattern mailed to you anywhere in USA & Canada.

SVG File for Laser: A vector SVG file (sent via email) for laser engravers which includes our "Small business production" license. The scroll saw instructions will also be included.

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