Sewing Is My Therapy

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So many of us enjoy crafting in one way or another and you probably know someone that enjoys sewing as much as you enjoy making sawdust.

This pattern comes with line work for an 8″ by 9″ version or a 10″ by 11″ version. I like including two sizes because some people really prefer that the pattern fit on one sheet of paper and I also don’t like recommending wider than an 8″ board, but if you have a larger wall space that you want to fill, the larger two-page option might be more appropriate for you and will also be easier for you to enlarge a bit more if you want.

–  8″ x 9″ or 10″ x 11″

Pattern Options

Scroll Saw PDF: A downloadable PDF pattern with instructions for cutting on a scroll saw. Not intended for use with laser engravers.

Mailed Paper Pattern: Have your scroll saw pattern mailed to you anywhere in USA & Canada.

SVG File for Laser: A vector SVG file (sent via email) for laser engravers which includes our "Small business production" license. The scroll saw instructions will also be included.

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