Slotted Easels For Ornaments & Plaques

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Recently, I had a need for these little easels and I had a heck of a time finding the right one for my project. So I decided to make a pattern for one myself, and then I would be set for any time the need for one arises. My first attempt in creating this make one using small brass hinges. While it may work alright for the larger version, I found that on the smaller easels, even the smallest hinges were too big. Gluing them would put them at risk of falling apart, and in addition to that, I was only able to fit one hinge on them, and that wouldn’t do.So I came up with this simple slotted design that works for all sizes and is easy to make from scraps without having to purchase additional hardware.

The instructions are simple – just apply the pattern, cut and finish as desired, and slide the slots together. I recommend you use 1/8” stock if you use the patterns ‘as is’, but you can certainly adjust as mentioned above for any thickness of wood that you may have on hand.

These are a great way to display your scroll saw plaques, pictures and even ornaments when you don’t have the wall space or a place to hang things.

I hope you enjoy this little project! I am sure you will find many uses for these easels when displaying your work.

– three sizes included – 3.5″ to 6.5″ tall

Pattern Options

Scroll Saw PDF: A downloadable PDF pattern with instructions for cutting on a scroll saw. Not intended for use with laser engravers.

Mailed Paper Pattern: Have your scroll saw pattern mailed to you anywhere in USA & Canada.

SVG File for Laser: A vector SVG file (sent via email) for laser engravers which includes our "Small business production" license. The scroll saw instructions will also be included.

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